Gray Hat Python

I ran into issues running the demos from my new Gray Hat Python book–likely because I was working directly in 64 bit Vista, and the authors code examples makes use of the kernel32 windows API. I found this blog post outlining this issue in more detail. There exists a follow up post with a number of fixes to various issues in the printed book here: Gray Hat Python: The Followup. Also the publisher’s updates to the book are here. The bottom line though is that this book has low press quality, and the examples do not always hold up to what the real world demands. Still, there are insightful moments and interesting points on security and program debugging. Possibly more useful to someone improving the language than a web developer, still the book has merits if this is your project space. Find a used copy today! (Or look for the E-Book on O’Reilly Media Website) I know I’ll be reading the chapter on Fuzzing Windows Drivers again …

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